Inventive.             Lively.             Multi-faceted.           Appealing.

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     The Effigy Corset

     Update! 3-26-09: Dorothea Corset (Pair of Bodies) Ditchley Portrait Dress Diary

     9-11-07: The Flower Poufs

Elizabethan Blackwork

Farthingale Sleeves Diary

     9-15-07: Supersize it?

French Farthingale Diary

       V2.0 Construction Notes

       V2.0 Pictures & Commentary

       V2.0 Wordless Pictures

       V3.01 IS HERE!!!

Rain Dress Diary

The Elizabethan Venetian

     Update! 2-27-08: Hair Horns!

     Update! 2-28-08: The Skirt!

     Update! 2-29-08: The Bodice!

Tudor Madness

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Inventive.                              Lively.                              Multi-faceted.                              Appealing.