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Welcome to my constantly evolving, ever changing website!

Here you will find information on the various and sundry characters I’ve played throughout my 30+ year acting career, my resume and contact info, plus a few wardrobe (dress) diaries for the costumes I’ve made or am working on.

The boxes below will take you to the update, acting and costuming sections.  The navigation bars below the boxes direct you to the rest of the site.

Enjoy your visit!

P.S.:  If you've been redirected to this page from a specific page on my old site, and you can't find the information you're after, just bookmark this page and check again in a few days.  I had to change servers and am engaged in the MONUMENTAL task of moving all the old pages into their new homes.  If you need the info right away, you can either check the cache of whatever search engine you are using or try the "wayback machine" archives of my website from 2007 onwards.  Thanks for your patience.  -MyFaireLady on May 5, 2012


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1/6/14: It would seem that my updating of this site seems to coincide with folks asking a question about something-or-other that I...

12/16/12:  SO, it would appear that I have an excuse to restart work on my Ditchley Dress diary in earnest.  I'll be playing QEI at a local gig in little more than a...

06/03/12:  Just spent the better part of 4 hours to upload a few pics to the Sleeve Farthingale page.  More soon...

06/02/12:  Still working on watermarking all my old pictures, so I haven't been able to get any more up.  BUT, I did add a comments section to the bottom of this...


This section contains information on the various and sundry characters I have portrayed in the last 30 years.  As I upload each page, it will become clickable.  Keep checking back to see what I've added!


Here you will find some dress diaries for a few of my more recent projects.  Just remember that it's going to take me some time to upload all the files into this new website.  In the meantime, here is the outline for my dress diaries.  You will be able to open each page as I upload them.     


  • Date: => 5/31/12
  • Name: => Nyele
  • Subject: => Images
  • Comment: => I can not see any of the images of your site, what is a shame, because your gowns look like really awesome.  Please, put the images back!

MyFaireLady's Reply:  Thanks for your interest and patience, Nyele.  I am working on getting the images back up, but it will take some time, since I've decided to watermark all of them before I put them up.  I've been finding too many of my images being used randomly without reference to this site and I want to make sure there is a way for the people who see them to know where they originated.  Keep checking the updates above to see where I'm at.  


Inventive.                              Lively.                              Multi-faceted.                              Appealing.