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Time to catch up on those updates!

12/16/12:  SO, it would appear that I have an excuse to restart work on my Ditchley Dress diary in earnest.  I'll be playing QEI at a local gig in little more than a month, so the question is: can I do it?  Can I draft, cut, sew & decorate the whole overgown in that time?  We'll see!  Check out what I did this weekend on the  Sleeve Farthingale page. 

06/03/12:  Just spent the better part of 4 hours to upload a few pics to the Sleeve Farthingale page.  More soon...


06/02/12:  Still working on watermarking all my old pictures, so I haven't been able to get any more up.  BUT, I did add a comments section to the bottom of this page to answer questions in the meantime.

05/17/12: I've added some new thoughts on the Farthingale Sleeve page & also a new image.  I'm in the process of organizing the rest of my old images, which is taking rather long...


05/13/12: After receiving a question from a fellow costumer in London, I decided to work on the Farthingale Sleeve page to make it easier to answer her questions and hopefully, help her out on her project.  Pictures will be forthcoming next, then back to the French Farthingale page...

05/09/2012:  I'd forgotten how long it takes to post these articles! I've just spent the better part of 4 hours getting the French Farthingale section up, and it is...only no pictures yet.  Be patient, they'll be uploaded soon!

05/05/2012:  Maybe it's a sign; today is the date we celebrate the independence of Mexico from Spain, and today I am launching the new "look" of my website.  My old site was on an unstable server, and starting to fall apart, so I've moved to a new home.  It's going to take some time to upload all of my old posts, so be patient and soon enough everything will be in place.  As I load each page to my new server, I will add the links that used to correspond to the entries below.

05/18/10:  Life is funny, isn't it?  It has a way of just completely by-passing all of our plans, expectations and hopes in order  So, I'm going to need to "BE" away for a while...don't know for how long...we'll see...I'll be back before you know it...

01/01/2010:  Happy New Year!  Happy New Decade!  Happy, happy all around!!!  I thought I’d start out 2010 by updating y’all on what I’ve been up to: BLACKWORK EMBROIDERY!  I know, I know…I’ve been posting all along about how I don’t like hand sewing, but this is different.  Really, it IS.  You see, I’ve finally gotten a chance to become fairly adept at digitizing the designs I create, so now I can let my embroidery machine do the embroidering, and my time is freed up to do the creating!  I’m just pleased as punch with the results.  Check out my progress in the special section on Blackwork Embroidery.

3/26/09:  I’ve *mostly* completed my version of the  Dorothea Corset (Pair of Bodies).  I hope you enjoy reading about the process!

1/24/09: New diary page started!  Check out what I have so far on the making of a 1598 pair of bodies in the style that Dorothea Sabina Von Neuberg wore.

4/20/08: I added a small update on the Effigy Corset page on the results of the adjustments I made earlier…still not perfect but it’s getting there.

3/30/08: Yay! I finally got a chance to finish the adjustments I needed to make to my Effigy Corset and created a new page to show y’all what I did. Enjoy!

3/9/08: I think I’ve done it! Take a look at the new pictures of the muslin mock up for the bigger and better sleeve farthingale silhouette. Just scroll down to the bottom when you get there.

2/29/08: And another one! How would you like to read about the Elizabethan Venetian’s bodice construction?

2/28/08: I’m on a roll! Here’s some more updates, this time on the skirt construction of that Elizabethan Venetian outfit.

2/27/08: I got inspired to (finally) work on the Venetian Hairdo those courtesans and royals alike loved so well. I think they’re a hoot!

12/22/07: Here’s a hearty “THANKS!” to Ilona Peltz whose blog entry at sparked a ton of comments about my Elizabethan Venetian shower curtain dress diary!

9/15/07: First big snag. The silhouette isn’t right on my Farthingale Sleeves. Tell me if you can help by looking at what I have so far…

9/13/07: Before I can make the Ditchley dress however, I need to make sure I’ve got the right silhouette…so I need to make some sleeve farthingales.

9/3/07: I’ve started a new diary to chronicle my ongoing struggles with creating a reproduction Ditchley Portrait gown.

3/18/07: I wasn’t happy with the original theme I was using, as it didn’t seem to support the width I needed, so I’ll be playing with a few other WP themes from time to time. If you chance upon something weird it’s just me, playing.ALSO, I’ve added a new dress diary: Tudor Madness, and I’ve started loading pictures. I wanted to make the pics as detailed as possible, and was having trouble with the wide pictures messing up the code and discombobulating the navigation bars on my old theme. I hope the new ones work out better, though I did like the old theme a lot. Anyway, so enjoy the new diary!

2/26/07: I’ve started a Yahoo Group for the discussion of how historical clothing is interpreted in tv & film. Check it out by clicking the button! 


7/22/06: Ok, so today I’ve spent the better part of 8 hours working on the French Farthingale pages. I’ve currently finished the first draft of the intro page and have uploaded the construction pictures in a separate page. When I can, I’ll add brief descriptions to the step-by-step pictures for the non-visual folks out there.


07/20/06: It begins!  I present to you...My Faire!


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